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Treating Two Histories of Complex Trauma in Couple Therapy: Out of Prison and into Love

at IAIA in Santa Fe for AEDP Southwest with David Mars, PhD

Sep 10 , 2016. Santa Fe

Attachment and Trauma 2016: Relationships and Compassion - Rome, Italy

Diana Fosha, presenter – sponsored by Istituto de Scienze Cognitive

Sep 24 , 2016. Roma, Italy

The Anatomy of Intimacy Workshops with David Mars, PhD.

in collaboration with the UCI Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior with David Mars, PhD

Oct 1 , 2016. Irvine, California

Looking with your Ears, Hearing with your Eyes. And then what happens?

An experiential day of AEDP at Mount Sinai West (formerly Roosevelt Hospital) in New York City with Jeanne Newhouse NCPsyA and Natasha Prenn LCSW

Oct 1 , 2016. New York

Neuroplasticity in Action: Rewiring Internal Working Models of Attachment

at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum in Lexington, MA with Ron Frederick, PhD

Oct 21 , 2016. Lexington

Toronto Workshop with Benjamin Lipton, LCSW

at Nancy’s Auditorium, YWCA in Toronto, Ontario with Benjamin Lipton, LCSW

Oct 22 , 2016. Toronto, Ontario

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy with Couples

Monthly Masters Series in Couple Therapy in Auburndale, MA with David Mars, Ph.D.

Nov 2 , 2016. Auburndale, MA 02466

Treating Couples 2016 - Harvard Medical School

Treating Couples 2016 at Harvard Medical School with Diana Fosha, PhD and David Mars, PhD

Nov 4 – Nov 5, 2016. Boston, MA 02111

Diana Fosha - Keynote Speaker: The 26th Annual Renfrew Center Conference for Professional

Diana Fosha – Keynote Speaker: The 26th Annual Renfrew Center Conference for Professional

Nov 12 , 2016. Philadelphia, PA 19153

Dopamine & Being Seen

an AEDP TriState Seminar at Mt. Sinai West in NYC with Diana Fosha, PhD

Dec 10 , 2016. New York

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Stay tuned for a full list of AEDP NYC Tri-State 2016-17 Seminars!