AEDP Institute


Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for Couples: An Introduction and Discussion

a PCFINE-sponsored series at Macht Auditorium, Cambridge, MA with David Mars, PhD

April 1 2017

Intro to AEDP

an AEDP TriState Seminar at Mt. Sinai West in NYC with Diana Fosha, PhD

April 1 2017


An AEDP West Workshop at the SF Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, CA with David Mars, PhD

April 9 2017

The Theory and Practice of AEDP: Moment by Moment Tracking and Clinical Choice Points

An AEDP Workshop in Portland, Oregon with Karen Kranz, PhD

April 21 2017

AEDP and AEDP for Couples: Transforming Interlocking Trauma

AEDP and AEDP for Couples at Duke University in Durham NC with David Mars, PhD

April 22 2017

Beyond Healing: Harnessing Transformational Processes to Accelerate the Journey into Flourishing

An AEDP Rocky Mountains Workshop in Denver, CO with Kari Gleiser, PhD

April 29 2017

AEDP Toronto: Two-Day Workshop With SueAnne Piliero, Ph.D.

at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Toronto, Ontario with SueAnne Piliero, Ph.D.

April 29 2017

Agency, Will, and Desire as Core Affective Experiences in AEDP

at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum in Lexington, MA with Eileen Russell, PhD

May 5 2017

Feeling Like A Man: Using AEDP to Overcome Shame and Heal Attachment Trauma with Gay and Straight Men

an AEDP TriState Seminar at Mt. Sinai West in NYC with Ben Lipton, LCSW and Ben Medley, LCSW-R

May 13 2017

Neuroplasticity in Action: Rewiring Internal Working Models - London, UK

Diana Fosha, presenter – sponsored by Istituto de Scienze Cognitive

May 14 2017
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