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AEDP Skills Courses

Essential Skills (ES1)

The AEDP Essential Skills course is absolutely one of the best psychotherapy trainings I have ever done. The format is a perfect balance of didactics, video observation and experiential practice
(doing it!), with loads of supportive individual attention and feedback. I can’t recommend this training enough!

              – Victoria Lemie Beckner, PhD

AEDP Essential Skills, aimed at practitioners, will provide practical skills for the application of AEDP. Our aim is to teach, in both left-brained and right-brained ways, skill sets, concrete and specific. Different skill sets will be introduced, explained, illustrated and practiced each week, so that participants will emerge with both an understanding and a felt sense of how to practice AEDP. The basic skill sets necessary to practice AEDP will be introduced each week, with theoretical foundations and with videotapes and group experiential exercises in the afternoon.

In AEDP, we pride ourselves in how thoroughly and deeply we seek to both (i) undo professional aloneness and (ii) engage in rigorous clinical teaching with skilled accompaniment. We are proud to say that our ES courses feature a high number of highly skilled assistants.

ES1 Retreat Style Course in Vancouver, BC • 2017  Registration is Open!
July 2017 / December 2017

ES1 Retreat Style Course in NYC 2017/2018  Registration is Open!
November 2017 / April 2018


Advanced Skills (ES2)

        A tremendous contribution to my clinical work.   

                                       Brilliantly and thoughtfully executed.

                   Superb. A great training that I will recommend highly to my colleagues.

AEDP Advanced Skills is aimed at practitioners with some experience of AEDP work already established. Practical in its orientation, this course focuses both on helping you (i) learn new advanced AEDP skills, and (ii) cultivate and fine-tune the AEDP skills you already have. Our aim is to teach, in both left-brained and right-brained ways, specific interventions and techniques that are concrete and specific. Participants will emerge with strategies for doing AEDP with our more challenging clients. While reviewing and deepening your AEDP essential skills throughout, the Advanced Training will teach the different advanced skill sets necessary to the in-depth practice of AEDP, with theoretical foundations and with videotapes, as well as with group experiential exercises.

ES2 Retreat Style Course in NYC • 2017/2018  Registration is Open!
October 2017 / March 2018

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Past ES1 Courses

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Past ES2 Courses

  • ES2 San Francisco Bay Area 2016 - 2017
  • ES2 Boston 2016 - 2017
  • Advanced Skills • 2015-2016 • New York
  • Advanced Skills • 2014-2015 • New York
  • Advanced Skills • 2012-2013 • East Coast