AEDP Institute

Couples Courses

A unique training opportunity for therapists working with individuals, couples and trauma.

Here are just a few of the powerful and unique aspects of AEDP for Couples:

  • Emphasis on the experience of felt love as a key agent of change in couples work
  • Use of the self of the therapist in transformative work with severely and chronically traumatized couples
  • Focus on healing attachment trauma in the couple as well as in both individuals within it

Current and Upcoming Couples Courses:

Live Couples Events:

Enriching Intersections of Two Models: Introduction to AEDP and IFS Approaches to Couples Therapy June 17, 2017 – Auburndale, MA

AEDP for Couples Master Class June 18, 2017 – Auburndale, MA


Past Couples Courses:

  • AEDP for Couples Hybrid Course: Immersion + Essential Skills • July 2016
  • Couples Core Training • 2015-2016 • San Francisco