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AEDP Certification

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive, integrative theoretical and clinical model. It is rigorous, unique, and effective. To be eligible for AEDP Certification, clinicians must demonstrate mastery of the theoretical model, proficiency in applying AEDP interventions to diverse clinical populations, and an overall understanding and commitment to the AEDP mission, ethos and values. You can apply for certification at the recommendation of your AEDP supervisor.


Many people ask us about the best way to pursue certification in AEDP. The answer is unique to each person! There are a few requirements: Immersion, Supervision, and completion of the Certification application and review process. The rest is fairly customizable. Here is one common path to AEDP certification:

Immersion => Essential Skills (ES1) => ES2 or Core Training => Supervision => Certification Process


To customize your own path to AEDP Certification or see how the courses you may have already taken add up as far as meeting requirements, see below. Please note that  equivalent courses of study may be acceptable; be sure to check with your supervisor before committing to additional courses. 

To see recommended paths to Dual Certification in AEDP & AEDPfC (for Couples) contact AEDP at



COMPLETE any 3 of these including at least 1 Supervision Option.  One, two or all three can be Supervision Options – you can mix and match supervisors and individual or group supervision; Skills courses can, however, each be taken only once as credit towards certification. 

Essential Skills (ES1)
Advanced Skills (ES2)

Core Training (5 weekends Group Supervision)
Small Group Supervision (30 hrs)
One-on-One Supervision (20 hrs)

COMPLETE an additional 20 – 30 hrs of Supervision

One-on-one (20 hrs) or Small Group Supervision (30 hrs)

To become certified you must have at least 2 supervisors with 10+ hours from your second supervisor. You may complete these 10+ hours with your second supervisor in either the phases above or in the required remaining supervision hours described below.


  • Step 1) Acquire and submit a recommendation for AEDP Certification from a faculty supervisor. Note: some clinicians need additional supervision to achieve readiness.
  • Step 2) Complete ten or more hours of One-on-One Supervision with a member of AEDP faculty. These hours include but are not limited to preparation for AEDP Certification.
  • Step 3) Complete the final AEDP Certification Review Process and become AEDP Certified.

What Do the Training Levels and AEDP Certification Mean?

A Certified AEDP therapist’s level as listed in the directory indicates that they’ve completed a certain amount of training, supervision and/or certification:

AEDP Levels

Level 1: Has completed either Immersion or one major skills training.
Level 2: Has completed Immersion plus one major skills training or significant course of supervision
Level 3: Has completed Level 2 plus at least one major skills training or significant course of supervision.
Level 4: Ready to start certification process: has completed Level 3 plus at least 1 signicant course of supervision.

We support every candidate in reaching his or her goal of excelling as an AEDP therapist and we recognize that individuals learn at different paces, enter our training program with diverse skill sets, and have a variety of previous clinical experiences. We encourage those interested in becoming certified AEDP therapists to discuss the path to certification with their AEDP supervisors.

Want to get Certified in AEDP? Get Connected!

Besides meeting the requirements and following the guidelines, we strongly encourage candidates to get involved in the AEDP Community. This participation will be taken into account in the overall assessment of a candidate’s application. Here are the ways:

Attend Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

Purchase an Annual Membership

Participate on Our Listserve


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